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Will an Organic Internet save our Analog Environments?

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Weaving networks at the interface of ecology and art – Let's start with CO2

Do we really want more hip-hop-dancing molecules in our atmosphere? Ever heard about an atmospheric window which is only narrowly open? Does any of this have to do with corporate green-washing? How can we connect these aspects and get a big picture? With the example of the physics of CO2, we will dig deeply into one of the ecological scientific discourses, and then open it for broad discussion. Zooming out from micro to macro, we shed light on the global perspectives, touching on the grids and nets which are used to generate future climate calculations in a global climate model. Giving scientifically correct information about natural science memes is one possible starting point for art that wants to engage with public policy, societal discussions and everyday life. The interface of ecology and art is often found to be owned by natural scientists or artists, however interaction and collaboration still proves difficult sometimes. Democratizing technological discussions and designing desirable visions could be your contribution to our common future! Come and be part of the atmospheric cloud!

fil.lic. Andreas Safron, MSc.

Environmental scientist with expertise in variety of related fields such as chemicals in the environment, climate change, and climate change impacts on health. 10 years of experience in academic environmental research, all of them abroad (Switzerland and Sweden). 3 years of experience in a global multinational company, thereof two as an Environmental manager of a production site. 15 years practice in contemporary dance, improvisation and theater as a hobby, with the aspiration of linking science and art. Currently re-orienting for a future role towards science-policy-society arbitration, and engaging strongly in the care of my two children.

Kunstuniversität Linz, Domgasse 1, 4020 Linz, Austria
Zeitbasierte Medien “Wohnzimmer” (DO0458), 4. OG

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